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It can handle an unlimited number of members. Our software for churches is user friendly. The membership management software provides an easy way to track the church congregation. It efficiently handles church receipts and disbursements. Track members, families, attendance, committees, finances, donations, pledges, call scripts, day care centers and the deceased. Religious Suite is quickly becoming the standard for those who want flexibility without sacrificing convenience and ease-of-use.

The Religious Suite is available on Macintosh and Windows computers. Great price, Easy to use. Track unlimited members, donations and pledges, generate member reports and financial reports.

Very easy to use, and versatile, great price, tracks donations, pledges and generate reports. To much data for someone who wants to do finances. Difficult to use and online manual very limited.

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If you click on the link in the program to review the software it doesn't work. I think that has to say something. The data in the database would be needed by two very different positions. I can see where the membership data would be nice for church secretaries. However, it should not be mixed with data required by the treasure.

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As a treasurer I don't want to swim through all of the members personal data. The customer service before our purchase, during our purchase, and after is nothing short of amazing. Thank you for everything. We offer live workshops to ministry leaders who are evaluating church management software to see up close the tools that over 30, ministries are using to grow.

Every Church Management Software Feature Your Ministry Needs

For Servant Keeper customers we offer nationwide training sessions to teach you and your team how to get the most out of your Servant Keeper. While being one of the most powerful church management software programs on the market, Servant Keeper is also incredibly easy to use.

Even for the beginner. In fact, ease of use is the number one reason why churches of all sizes and denominations have made the switch to and stayed with Servant Keeper. For example, when you are searching the church database, this amazing church software lets you quickly find someone by first name or last name or both.

You can search your church membership by any field in the software using the same quick find button. Do you need to find a church member who has a truck, or who can cook, or who missed church three weeks in a row? Servant Keeper is the church software that will let you do these kinds of searches instantly. Effective Church Management is also about getting more people involved. That is one of the reasons you use church software in the first place.

Servant Keeper is also the only church software that shows families and individuals on the same screen at the same time, and this all happens as soon as the user opens the program. Eliminate duplicate entry into your church management database and automate your processes. With Servant Keeper, tasks like mail merging, group building, statement creation, to name a few, can be automated.

Update and enter information into your church management software more quickly with automatic information transfer, updating, and family profile creation. Inputting a family into the church management program can be done in less time than it takes you to read the information. Servant Keeper church software automatically transfers the address information from the first individual to any additional family members and then automatically creates a family profile.

Want to add new people to existing families?

Church Management Software Designed for Apple Users

Just enter their first name. Their last name, address, wedding date, marital status, title, phone number, etc are all filled in automatically! Automation exists all through the profile as well. Such as automatic zip code and age calculation features. Individuals are automatically added to or removed from groups based on the criteria you input age, home group membership, volunteer status.

Ages and anniversaries are automatically calculated by the date. Contributions can be automatically posted to your accounting software. Your ministry has its own unique management style and ministry needs. With Servant Keeper you can use it straight out of the box, or customize almost every field in the program to track exactly what is relevant to your ministry.

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This eliminates the need to memorize codes for which fields represent your data. You can also customize your directories, reporting, and mail merging. Build dynamic groups of people based on multiple criteria for example, anyone willing to serve in the nursery, over 18 years of age, has a background check, and is available for this Sunday.

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The church accounting software is cost-effective, all in one package that streamlines daily operations. PowerChurch is an experienced developer, serving both churches and non-profit organizations since If you are interested in PowerChurch, you can download a free demo to see if it suits your needs. ChurchTrac Online is a powerful church accounting software designed to help you manage church finances efficiently. ChurchTrac is unique because it gives you the power to collaborate or manage your team.

The software is used by thousands of churches across the US because it offers an impressive host of features for a low price. ChurchTrac offers everything you need, from contribution tracking to congregation access. Servant Keeper is an all-in-one software application to manage every facet of church operations. By using this software, you not only manage finances but handle different functions needed to maintain a thriving community.

Manage finances, track members, set up events, communicate and perform outreach with Servant Keeper. Servant Keeper is well-regarded, it has been downloaded and used by administrators in 30, different churches. Back How to. Back Pricing. Students and Teachers Discount. Top 6 Church Accounting Software for Mac.

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