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The most recent example of this occurred in the winter of with the installation of six Belimo PR Series butterfly valve actuators. The complex includes a few 5 star hotels, entertainment facilities, convention centres and lots of fine quality restaurants. The Legend Palace Hotel was completed in This project is the biggest single new development project using the most number of Energy Valves in Asia Pacific so far. Die integrierte Druckentlastungsfunktion garantiert maximale Anlagensicherheit. Die Produktionsanlage ist mittlerweile seit Juni in Betrieb.

HVAC systems were a particular area of focus due to the fact that as the buildings aged, they became more difficult to cool and meet desired discharge air temperature set points especially in the summer months. Improving occupant comfort was also a priority. After conducting a thorough review of piping, valves, and instrumentation, officials concluded that in order to solve the problem, various infrastructural improvements would have to be made.

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With its partner, Optimum Energy, a member of the U. Der perfekten Regeltechnik kommt dabei ein besonderer Stellenwert zu. Video anschauen. Rund 1. Mit seinem herausragenden Design und der perfekten Lage in Al Jaddaf bietet dieses 5-Sterne-Hotel eine Vielzahl bestens durchdachter Komforteinrichtungen. Die Ausstattung umfasst Luxusbettwaren, Marmorbadezimmer, einen schnellen Internetzugang und Flachbildfernseher — und all dies mit Blick auf die Skyline von Dubai.

The primary goal of the plan was to help the college absorb potential utility rate hikes while avoiding the need to increase its utility budget as both newly constructed and renovated facilities were completed and became occupied. The buildings on campus are also an important factor. They need the most efficient and reliable mechanical systems in order for the show to go on.

That is why Belimo chose this facility to install its Energy Valves.


The cost for the more robust EF actuators was almost equal to the cost of ordering M-Series actuators. Those seeking comfort will find it at Assisi Heights in Rochester, Minnesota. Indoor air comfort that is, now that a comprehensive renovation of the facilities HVAC mechanical system is complete. Until recently, the Sisters of St. Francis of Rochester, along with others who lived, worked, and taught at the historical convent, did so without air conditioning and a very outdated steam heating system.

At the same time, these systems are often more challenging to control. The project, completed in late , included the conversion of a chilled water plant, known as Building 42, to variable flow. The conversion helped the plant and the buildings that it serves meet the requirements outlined in the Energy Policy Act of and has also resulted in significant energy savings. The installation of 62 Belimo pressure independent characterized control valves PICCV helped pave the way for a smooth transition to variable flow, ensuring that the base will continue to enjoy worry-free energy savings for years to come.

Andy Cummings of Southland Industries has suffered through his share of cumbersome damper actuator installs. With over 30 years of experience in the sheet metal industry, he knows that the process is not only time consuming, it can yield disappointing results if the connections are in any way unstable.

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Damper blades can become twisted or bent, linkages can bend or even break, etc. Meanwhile, the last thing a busy design, build and maintenance firm like Southland Industries wants is to revisit a failed installation that was already labor intensive to begin with! Habitat for Humanity in Riverside, CA has raised the bar on energy efficient residential design with a unique system that uses one heat source—a tankless boiler—for both domestic hot water and radiant floor heating.

Energieverbrauch senken und Schadstoffemissionen reduzieren. This means less down time and less repair costs. Low Delta-T Syndrome is a common and costly problem in many large facilities, especially on sprawling campuses with central chilled water plants. The results are promising for any large facility currently battling Low Delta-T Syndrome. Ihr umfangreiches Know-how durfte es u. Das eigene Leuchtturm-Projekt ist die Green Factory 2. When the mechanical contracting group of The Trane Company won the bid from McClier Corporation to do the mechanical engineering for the new, state-of-the-art New York Post printing facility, its control design team chose Belimo as its supplier of actuators and valves.

The Oklahoma City VA hospital was the very first project to use the new generation actuators and linkages. The fact that ES2 was not only willing to wait for the product, but be the first to use it, is indicative of their confidence in Belimo technology and innovations. Neither Kinser nor Woods had any reservations about being the first to use the product. The actuators always perform as expected.

Belimo is constantly looking for ways to improve their products. Die Nach der erfolgreichen Zusammenarbeit im Bauprojekt des Bergrestaurants Scharmoin wurden im Panoramarestaurant auf dem Gipfel des Rothorns diverse Zonenventile eingebaut. Roger Bennett was looking for an opportunity to showcase pressure independent control valve technology to his clients. He found it when his firm, WayPoint Systems, was awarded the contract to provide a complete Direct Digital Control DDC system retrofit for a high rise property in midtown Atlanta, known as Peachtree.

The , square-foot, story class-A office building is managed by Carter and Associates. Also extraordinary is the fact that this sprawling property, which includes a acre island and a wide assortment of medical, recreational, and living facilities, is served almost entirely by one central energy plant. The corporate headquarters of The Phoenix Companies, Inc. The story building, designed by famed twentieth-century architect Max Abramovitz and completed in , is the first New England office building to be both LEED certified and on the National Register of Historic Places.

It was right there in black and white. Paraphrased, the guideline stated that pump and piping systems shall be arranged in a reverse return configuration. However to all rules, there are at least one or two exceptions. The 8-story, 1.

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The University of Miami medical campus saves thousands of dollars and increased plant capacity with the Belimo Energy Valve retrofit. But the assortment of brightly colored Belimo control valves is in place throughout the plant and campus to save the university energy and labor. Sonoma State University had high aspirations for converting the original Ruben Salazar library into a multi-use facility and was willing to go the distance to achieve their goal without a large increase in campus demand for peak power.

Be assured, a project like this demands a lot of careful consideration, from selection of the kW solar photovoltaic system to the valves and actuators that control water flow and damper operation in over zones. Ihr Browser ist veraltet! Weltweit im Einsatz.

Vereinigte Arabische Emirate. Vereinigte Staaten. Volksrepublik China. Shanghai Hongqiao SunnyWorld Centre Health, a sense of well-being, and productivity are dependent upon room climate The building complex is located near the fourth largest Chinese airport and not far from the National Exhibition Center.

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