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The MacOS app ecosystem is chock-full of hidden gems. Here are 10 essentials to get you started.

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One of the finer features of the Mac experience is the seemingly endless list of applications that all come together to make your Mac easier or more efficient to use. There are apps that will keep your screen on forever with just a click, and apps that will automatically hide unused apps to keep your desktop clean.

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The downside to so many apps available is that finding where to start can be daunting. We've done the hard work for you.

How to Get iWork For Free in Mac OS X Mavericks

Here you'll find the 10 Mac apps you should install and try first. Window management on MacOS isn't particularly great. Sure, you can make optimized apps completely full-screen or have two apps side by side in a split-screen view. What if you don't want the full-screen experience and want to organize a handful of floating windows on your desktop? Well, without a third-party app, you'll be dragging floating windows around freely and manually resizing everything to fit.

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If you want a similar window snap experience like you get in Windows, consider one of these four apps:. If you're tired of having a different application or browser window open for all the different chat services in your life, Franz is the answer. Franz is an aggregator of all sorts of services, but primarily chat. When you install and run it for the first time, you'll need to create a Franz account and add and log in to all the services you want to use. Then when you open Franz in the future, all those services will open automatically.

Mac: What is iWork'? Full Overview

This upgrade adds support for services such as HipChat and removes ads, as well as giving access to future premium services. Apple 's iCloud Drive is a great cloud storage system if you're totally invested in Apple's ecosystem. But if you're more cross-platform, a service such as Dropbox or Google Drive is probably a better fit. Their applications for Mac are just as seamless. Install either Google Drive or Dropbox and your files and folders will be two-way synced.

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    Mac iWork Update Notes

    Sign up. See more reviews for Apple Pages. Using face detection, subjects in photos are intelligently positioned in placeholders and objects. Reapply a master page so text and media placeholders return to their default style and position. Create books using new templates for novels available in English only. Dumbed-down, stripped down version of earlier Pages version.

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    Yankee Group analyst Carl Howe said that the advent of the Mac App Store spells the end for giant, monolithic software packages. The consumer saves money and the developers can be more focused on things that consumers want instead of kitchen-sink app suites.

    Apple's answer to MS Word

    The winners are independent app developers who have never had the kind of distribution an Adobe had, but now get world-class distribution of their app. Apple also wins, because it starts collecting a 30 percent cut of all software sales. Losers are the traditional software vendors who will be too high-priced for downloadable apps.

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