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The emulator also has support system for gamepad and for the controller.


The best part of this emulator is that, it has one click installer which means you can either install it on your PC and use or you can also use it without installing directly. Yes, it supports all sorts of cheat codes that come with the game, but you cannot create your own like you do in your emulator. Mupen 64 :.

The best N64 emulators

This emulator is alternative to Project 64 emulator for your Windows. This emulator can emulate any games of the N64 and you can play using all those default cheat codes in the game. The best part is that this emulator has all the plug-in like audio, controller etc.

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Nemu 64 :. Nemu 64 is another Nintendo 64 emulator for your Windows PC, this emulator supports all kind of Windows version and works smoothly. You also do not need to install the emulator, so you can use it directly on your PC without installing and it uses less GPU than the other emulator. The best part of this emulator is that here you will even get support system for multiplayer and that too offline. You can also save the data of your game in this emulator so that you can continue the game from the place where you have left. Ultra HLE :.

This is one of the first emulator which was able to run Nintendo games from This is one of the most trusted emulator that you can use on your PC with ease with all the features.

aN64 (Nintendo 64 Emulator) Free Download

The only flaws is that, as the emulator is old enough sometime you may face error is connecting controllers. Supra HLE :. If you are a beginner and want tall the pro features than this Nintendo 64 emulator is one of the best you can have on your PC. You can control everything with this emulator like the video plugin, audio plugin and even the buffering plugin so you can keep full control on all your GPU, RAM usage of your PC. The only flaws of this new high end emulator is that it sometime freezes if you are using this on Windows 10 but if you are running on Windows 7 then this is the best emulator you can find in the market for your PC to play all those amazing Nintendo games.

You can download this emulator by the clicking on the link, remember if you are to configure the Supre HLE you will need to configure Supra 2.

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Retro Arch :. This is the only emulator which you can use on all of the platform that you are using like Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android. You can even use this emulator on the latest gaming consoles like PS3, PS4 and much more.

Instalar Project64 V2.1 en Mac - El emulador No.1 de N64

Using this emulator for the first time will not be comfortable as you need to pay attention to many thing at one, but once you get to know all the features and their key access then it is easy to use. There are a verity of thins that Retro Arch emulator can do like loading cheat codes, scanning automatically, remap control and much more.

Though it might be a matter of opinion, many would say that no console was so important in videogames history as the epic Nintendo Agreeing or disagreeing, this is a fact, and it is only impossible that there is not a list of N64 titles that changed your life forever. Meet Mario, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Samus, Link and many other familiar faces once more by making a nostalgic trip back to the late 90s! Are you prepare to go back to the past that changed games up to this date?

You better be, as chances are you are going to stay there for some long quality time. Or not! The default keyboard controls on BlueStacks have been carefully crafted after months of testing by expert gamers to ensure only the best gaming experience for the users.

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We are proud of making history. No, wait up! We are not comparing ourselves to the epic and marvelous Nintendo But we certainly changed the way millions and millions of gamers play their Android games nowadays, doing it with much more ease and comfort, in front of their computers, with the mouse, the keyboard, a big screen and a much more stable internet connection.

Download N 64 Emulator - Best Software & Apps

This is certainly something to be proud! So what are you waiting for to finally test all the most powerful gaming engine has to offer? All you have to do is collect the BlueStacks Points and exchange them at the store. Embrace a completely new Era of games by going back to the past. The great online gaming community is packed with players who simply love N64 titles. Well, actually, this is something impossible not to do!

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nintendo 64 emulator download mac free Nintendo 64 emulator download mac free
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nintendo 64 emulator download mac free Nintendo 64 emulator download mac free
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