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To install older versions of Ubuntu you need to use a Mac which is running OSX and follow these instructions. Connect ethernet uplink - using the USB-to-ethernet adapter if you have one. Select "Install Ubuntu Server" and proceed as normal, choosing country, language and keyboard layout. If you are using the USB-to-ethernet adapter for your external Internet connection, then you will be prompted for the primary network interface:.

Use ifconfig -a to find its external IP address, and you should be able to ssh into it from outside. Then you no longer need the keyboard and monitor. It helps when locating the machine without a monitor. The simplest way to do this is to make the whole second drive an LVM physical volume, and add it to our volume group. Look under the first column "VG": if it was created by the Ubuntu installer it will be something like " -vg". Alternatively you could choose to partition it in the same way as the first drive, and it might be possible to boot off this drive if the first one fails - but you'd almost certainly have lost your OS installation anyway.

By creating a "striped" volume, half of the extents will be on each disk; this increases performance by dividing the read and write load between the disks.

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Choosing a large stripe size ensures that smaller reads and writes hit only a single disk. Optionally, you could also reduce its size. If you don't intend to use hibernate functionality you can reduce it to say 4GB, as you never want your machine to go this far into swap anyway. We purposely did not configure our network interfaces during installation so that the installation would go faster and we could configure out interfaces as we want now.

You can see that neither eth0 or eth1 are configured by doing:. Trying pinging some external sites to verify that your network is working. Now that our base operating system is installed we need to pull down a list of current versions of available packages and then download and install the packages. Page 62 Software manufacturers often provide updates to their software on their websites. You can set your Mac mini to check for and install the latest Apple software automatically using the Software Update pane of System Preferences. On other keyboards, you may be able to use the F12 key to eject discs.

Check the documentation that came with your keyboard. See the service and support information that came with your Mac mini for more information. To use Apple Hardware Test: Disconnect all external devices from your Mac mini, except the keyboard and mouse. If Apple Hardware Test detects a problem, it displays an error code.

Make a note of the error code before pursuing support options. AppleCare Service and Support Information You can also use System Profiler to find the serial number. Click the Hardware disclosure triangle to view the serial number. Additional information is available on the Internet at www.

Page Appendix B: Safety, Use, And Care Information Apple products are designed and evaluated to the latest information technology and audio video equipment safety standards. Important: The only way to turn off power completely is to disconnect the power cord and all USB and FireWire devices and remove the Ethernet cable. Make sure at least one end of the power cord is within easy reach so that you can unplug your computer when you need to. Do not attempt to open your Mac mini.

Mac mini "Core i7" (Mid) -

If your Mac mini needs service, consult the service and support information that came with your computer for instructions about how to contact an Apple Authorized Service Provider or Apple for service. Page Laser Information The use of optical instruments, such as magnifying lenses, with this product increases the potential hazard to your eyes.

For your safety, have this equipment serviced only by an Apple Authorized Service Provider. Appendix B Page High-risk Activities Warning Because of the optical disc drive in your computer, your computer is a Class 1 laser product. The Class 1 label, located in a user-accessible area, indicates that the drive meets minimum safety requirements.

A service warning label is located in a service-accessible area. For more information, go to www. Understanding Ergonomics Page 78 Shoulders relaxed Forearms and hands in a straight line Forearms level or tilted slightly Lower back supported Thighs tilted slightly Chair An adjustable chair that provides firm, comfortable support is best.

Adjust the height of the chair so your thighs are horizontal and your feet flat on the floor. The back of the chair should support your lower back lumbar region. Page 79 If you begin to develop chronic pain or discomfort in your hands, wrists, or arms, consult a qualified health specialist. For More Information Go to www.

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Use the information that follows to connect to the Internet. You can find an ISP in the yellow pages of your phone book. Page Gathering The Information You Need If you are using an external modem, plug the modem into a USB d port on your computer, and plug a phone cord into the port on the modem and into a phone wall jack. If you are using a DSL modem or cable modem, follow the instructions that came with the modem to connect it to your computer. Follow the onscreen instructions. Page Pppoe Connections If you are unable to connect to your Internet service provider using PPPoE, make sure you have the correct information entered in Network preferences.

Click Network. Choose Network Port Configurations from the Show pop-up menu.

Page Communications Regulation Information Radio and Television Interference This computer equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio-frequency energy. This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device in accordance with the specifications in Part 15 of FCC rules. Page 90 0 Hz to GHz. Hereby, Apple Computer, Inc. I took 2 seconds to copy over our 4. In fact, it's identical to another member of the Mac family, the workstation iMac Pro, which had the same 2 second, 2, MBps speeds.

Processing performance was nowhere near as dramatic, but it's still fairly impressive coming from an Intel Core i3 CPU. In Geekbench 4, the Mac Mini managed a score of 13, points. Running the JetStream 1. That's phenomenal for a Core i3-based system. If you plan to use the Mac mini as a home theater PC for streaming to a TV, or as a basic productivity machine that uses web apps heavily, you'll be set with one of the best mini PCs on the market, even in this basic configuration.

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Even after I streamed video, ran benchmark tests and used the system to work on this review, the Mac mini never got warmer than 85 degrees Fahrenheit, which is only 15 degrees above the room temperature of our lab. That's barely enough heat for it to feel warm to the touch. It's well below the degree comfort threshold we hold laptops to, and it's significantly cooler than the HP Z2 Mini G4 94 degrees. Compared with smaller, less powerful mini PCs, like the Zotac Zbox PI pico, which hit degrees during testing, and there's no comparison.

The Mac mini is one cool customer. Even after I streamed video, ran benchmark tests, and used the system to work on this review, the Mac mini never got warmer than 85 degrees. It's also quiet.

Apple Mac mini (2018) Review: This Little Mac Is Awesome

The Mac mini's larger fan lets it run slowly and silently, while still providing enough airflow for cooling. That's good news for audio pros and home-theater users alike, since it means you won't have to contend with a noisy computer when you're trying to get clear audio. The Mac mini ships with macOS version See our full review of Mac OS Mojave for a more detailed look at the operating system, but suffice it to say, it's a decent step forward for the much loved Mac OS.

You'll also get Siri, but without the built-in microphones found on other Macs, you won't be able to use the "Hey, Siri" functionality you may be used to from other Apple devices.

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The Mac mini is covered with a one-year warranty, which includes hardware repairs through authorized Apple service providers. Included with the new Mac is 90 days of free phone support. With our top rating for tech support , it's hard to complain. You can also get AppleCare for an extended three-year warranty, which gives you both repair service and technical support. But it should be noted that, if the previous model is any indicator, those three years of coverage may not stretch far enough to keep you covered until a new model comes along.

If you bought a Mac mini in the first few months after release, you would also have spent up to a year with no warranty coverage while waiting for this model to be announced. While the Mac mini is generally sold on its own — the package contents are literally the Mac mini, a power cord and some documentation — Apple included with our test unit the space- gray keyboard and trackpad. It's no mechanical keyboard, but it's still comfortable to type on. This lets you enjoy all of the unique contextual menus and expanded functionality that you'd get on a Macbook in the desktop environment.

It's a must-have for media creators who need all of the tools and shortcuts that take advantage of Force Touch, but it's worth considering even for the regular user who might be used to those same dynamic controls from their Macbook Pro. The Mac mini comes in two primary configurations. Our test unit is the base model, which is equipped with a quad-core 3. You can, however, connect an external GPU via the Thunderbolt 3 connections in back.

mac mini user guide 2011 Mac mini user guide 2011
mac mini user guide 2011 Mac mini user guide 2011
mac mini user guide 2011 Mac mini user guide 2011
mac mini user guide 2011 Mac mini user guide 2011
mac mini user guide 2011 Mac mini user guide 2011
mac mini user guide 2011 Mac mini user guide 2011

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