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But with proliferation of Bluetooth headphone options and disappearance of headphone jacks from nearly all the latest smartphones, wired headphones seem to progress on the path of disappearance more and more each day. Thankfully, wireless devices are great.

Mac Gaming Headsets

They are lightweight. They are versatile. They can be easily connected to your iPhone, your Mac, or your car. Charge them overnight just the same way as your phone and they last all day too. Sadly, without proper configuration, connecting Bluetooth headphones to Mac might get a bit tricky, with frequent disconnections and music interruptions. Throughout the article, AirPods would be used as an example, but any other model of Bluetooth headphones can be connected in a similar fashion.

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You can also calibrate headphones to your liking through the Sound menu in System Preferences. Described above is the ideal scenario for connecting AirPods to Mac.

Plantronics Bluetooth Headset Pairing Instructions

Plus, you can get third-party software to automate the flow. To simplify it even more, install ToothFairy , an app that pairs Bluetooth devices with Mac in one click. You can read more about how to use the app below. This is profoundly annoying but can be solved by either resetting the headphones or purging preference settings on your Mac. Now all settings on your earphones should be reset and you should be able to connect them again using the standard workflow above. If the problem persists, it could be something to do with the preferences on your Mac.

To do that:. Deleting preferences out of the library forces your Mac to recreate them brand new, thus avoiding any bugs or improper algorithms that could have interfered with your Bluetooth headphones setup. The above would force not only the preferences for your audio to reset but also the audio process for your whole Mac to relaunch. Occasionally, when you succeeded in connecting Bluetooth headphones to Mac, you might hear no sound going through. There are a few things you can do to solve this.

Now you need to connect Bluetooth headphones to Mac all over again, and the problem should disappear. Sometimes, however, it might malfunction and not allow you to add two wireless headphones at the same time. Most Mac users believe that they can only play their audio output through one device at a time, be it internal speakers, Bluetooth headphones, or some other amplifier.

Playing audio through multiple devices is a nifty trick for when you need more sound power for your party or when trying to create a true surround sound for a movie screening.

Most of the time, audio on Mac is not an issue. Lots of fixes described here might seem confusing and unintuitive at first sight.

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You might wish there was an app that would make it easy to control all your audio needs from a single place. And there is. Meet ToothFairy — the most simple and magical Bluetooth device assistant for Mac. In a true one-click fashion, ToothFairy allows you to set up any number of Bluetooth-enabled devices, configure hotkeys, and switch easily between them. Designed to take you deeper into the game, Sennheiser headsets for Mac feature superb amplified stereo sound, optimum comfort and crystal clear communication. For 70 years the Sennheiser name has stood for top-quality headphones, headsets, microphones and integrated systems.

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Our name has become synonymous with true sound and tailor-made solutions for every aspect of recording, transmission and reproduction of sound. Game time is your time and every Sennheiser gaming headset comes with a built-in mission: to deliver pure immersive audio excitement. Game developers use Sennheiser recording equipment and Sennheiser headsets to develop game audio.

This headset has been engineered to bring you the same high-level of detailed acoustical quality, the game developers intended you to hear. Sennheiser is the only audio company that makes both the precision microphone equipment your games are recorded on, and the headsets you use to play them. So why would you go for any other gaming headset brand?

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Mac Gaming Headsets A perfect match for the uncomprimising Apple user. The GSP gaming headset delivers high-fidelity sound with incredible spatiality for a truly immer

best headset for mac os x Best headset for mac os x
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