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Private browsing should be the default , not the exception. But in order for something like Tor to actually get used , it needs to be unobtrusive, easy to use, and easy to stop using. When version 3.

How to Install Tor Proxy for Mac OS X and Use Safari Firefox & Chrome with Tor

The bad news is that advanced configuration of your connection to the Tor network on Mac OS X is harder. Thanks, Tor developers! The Tor Browser Bundle is a package deal. It gives you the Tor software itself , plus a graphical tool called Vidalia used to manage and configure your connection to the Tor network , as well as a completely clean browser based on Mozilla Firefox with some privacy-enhancing add-ons already pre-installed.

Your browser is configured to use Tor. However, only the TorBrowser application is using Tor. You are not using Tor. Since Tor is a network proxy, it works by accepting connections, forwarding them on behalf of the initiator, and then passing back any responses it receives. This means you need to tell your operating system to send connection requests it wants to make to Tor instead of out onto the network itself.

But in order to do that , you need to know where Tor will be listening for connection requests. It was recently changed to use port by default.

But since this guide was written before that change, its instructions refer to port All this means is that wherever you see me refer to port or similar, replace it with instead. Thanks, milo! By default, the Tor Browser Bundle is configured to look for an unused network port on your system and use that. The Tor FAQ provides instructions for doing this :. Your Socks port will then be on At this point, you should have a running Tor instance listening on its default port for incoming connection requests.

All you need to do now is tell your operating system to send all its network requests to that location.

Download Tor Browser

At this point, any time an app on your system tries to access the network, the connection will be routed through Tor. All the built-in applications, like Mail. On my computer, the Network Location for Tor is the default, and I almost never change it away from that. I also set up the TorBrowser to open when I log in to my computer. This means I now tunnel all my traffic through Tor by default. But all or nothing is a rather blunt approach. We can do this in one of two ways. If you know you never want to use Tor for specific domains or websites, you can enter them in a comma-separated list back where you set up the SOCKS proxy.

For instance, if you never want to use Tor to get to Wikipedia, enter , wikipedia.

You can also use this method to bypass Tor for multi-media sites like YouTube or Pandora Internet Radio, which are often frustratingly slow when proxied. Anyway, this configuration will always bypass Tor for accessing any Wikipedia. You can also make multiple Proxy Profiles that each use a different port number you configured in Step 2. With this Proxy Rule configuration, which is very reminiscent of email rules , all of my Web browsing with the exception of editing Wikipedia articles will automatically be routed through Tor. I can now add additional bypass rules for browsing, say, Pandora.

Still, sometimes Tor will dump me on the Internet from Romania or some country where Pandora blocks access. For those of you who think the belt-and-suspenders approach is just too groovy to ignore, here are some additional things you could do to protect your privacy. However, third-party cookies are arguably only useful for tracking purposes. I recommend installing at least the following browser add-ons:.

Tor Browser for Mac Download - TechSpot

The only trustworthy ad blocking add-on also happens to be both the best and simplest one: uBlock Origin , and it is available for both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Each of those tools are made by companies that actually track you. In fact, it even comes bundled with the TorBrowser! Install it, use it, love it! In addition to outright tracking, monitoring, and other direct surveillance techniques, your identity and activities can be determined by inference after collating and analyzing a bunch of data about you.

Defend yourself.

Google claims to offer private search and the ability to erase your Google search history , but why give it to them in the first place? Consider doing the same! This information is known as a Referer [sic. On Google Chrome you can use Referer Control for a simple solution, or ScriptSafe for a more robust one, which by default masks your Referer header as well as disabling JavaScript another best practice, but outside the scope of this article. Your hair color, eye color, height, weight, and a vast array of other biometrics can be used to identify you.

What you need to be aware of is that so does your Web browser. Everything from the make and model of your browser to your screen size to the fonts you have installed on your system can be used to pick you out of a crowd of Web browsers. Use NoScript , and tools like it. Anyone can scan the network looking for them. Remember telemarketers? Screenshots iPhone iPad. Jun 18, Version 2. Information Seller Mike Tigas. Size Category Utilities. Compatibility Requires iOS Unrestricted Web Access.

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Price Free. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser. From most of my research, including a rare answer from Stack Exchange itself, this is because of the wide variety of nefarious individuals who use Tor to mask themselves as they carry out dastardly deeds on the internet. To make matters worse, Mr. This one, too, is blacklisted, according to Mr. Red Onion is a 3.

This is another option, and is a bit more feature-rich than some other Tor browsers. It defaults to DuckDuckGo for its search engine, which is good, and allows you to quickly change your identify, if you need to. Yet again, another Tor browser that shows being infected with some sort of Trojan, and thus blacklisted.

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