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How to Buy the Right Computer Parts to Run Pro Tools

My friend just told me that Mac's crash less then PC.? I run a PC on PT's 10 seems to work fine.

Five Reasons I Use A Windows PC For Pro Tools

Originally Posted by mikeyman. Find all posts by ronwasserman. I switched from Mac to PC a couple years ago, and things have been running smoothly since then.

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Back then, the Mac Pros were old tech and it wasn't clear that Apple planned to keep that line alive. In terms of bang for your buck, I think PC is definitely the way to go Skill , Lynx Hilo, Eleven Rack, a "few" guitars Niilo Nuori. Most of the problems I have had are due to PT being buggy plus many PT features were developed years ago and have not been brought to work in modern computing systems with loads of memory, cores, fast disks etc. Waiting for Ubuntu version of PT. I've been Mac-only since and have never regretted the choice. As far as PT is concerned, they are better supported.

That is because there are less system configurations and all the system configurations are well known and the specs don't alternate that much. So it is very much easier for Avid to support Apple computers than PC's.

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For example, if you say you have a "Quad Mac Pro" it is already well known that these are the specs. Simplicity works. Find all posts by JFreak. Good comments above. Both platforms work pretty well with PTools - just gimme a mouse!!! Windows 7 works with PTools 8, 9, 10, and Try that with the various Mac OS versions.

The Weed.

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As mentioned, a properly specced PC is better bang-for-the-buck and runs Pro Tools just fine and just as well as a Mac. The PC I just had built would have cost me a third to half again what a comparable Mac would have. And I also agree with EGS. Apple brings out new hardware and new OS updates that "break" compatibility with Pro Tools, lately on a seemingly regular and increasing basis. As someone mentioned in another thread, Apple has its own audio and video programs, so why should they be concerned with third party issues and hurry to solve them or take them into account when preparing updates.

Pro Tools | Five Reasons I Use A Windows PC For Pro Tools

All that said, use what your budget allows and what you're comfortable with, not what someone else prefers or insists is the only thing you should be using. Find all posts by The Weed. Last edited by mikeyman; at I'm using a custom built mac pro with OSX For video editing, Media Composer in Windows is my way to go. Find all posts by feliponk. All times are GMT The time now is Powered by: Forum Hosted By: User Name. Remember Me? Or that PC is better than Mac is unfortunately an idiot.

So let me explain a few differences to you as this may help you make a better choice. Be it good or bad. It goes without saying we use PC here. So once upon the time Mac used to rule the roost when it came to audio. It had Fire wire some interfaces were Fire wire.

Just being honest. At the end of the day there are really two things that matter. Today Mac besides notebooks or Mac Book Air you are pretty limited to what devices you can connect up to that. Not to mention that notebooks are pretty limited as to what you can do. Limited hard drive, limited memory, so that it a portable option if you need to do something. Yes, you are still limited to CPU, memory and the like.

Mac Vs PC for Audio Production:- 2017 Update

This is not a permanent solution and should not be considered to be a permanent solution. Mac used to make the Mac Pro, which was truly a great machine. To us Apples market is very clear. They make iPhones, like millions upon millions of them and frankly this is where they are making their money today. So they spend their most time making these devices. This is the reality of this decision and there is not much we can do about it.

Choosing the Right CPU (aka Processor)

HDX and you need to run the three card option, well your out of luck in the Mac world. The good news is in the PC world, specifically the Slick Audio world we can run them out any problem at all.

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  4. We are working with companies like Avid to make boxes that do one thing. More specialized if you will. This is not a bash against Mac, as I have said before these are tools to get a job done. I know when I am doing a job like getting a song or other recording out to a customer or for myself I need the best tool I can use to get a job done.

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