Nc or nw mac concealer

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NW Rich coffee with neutral undertones for deep dark skin sorry I swatched this and NW 51 out of order that is why you see this first. I hope this helps you find your shade or allows you to know what to expect if you want to try this concealer. If you are into natural makeup but like to build it up when need this is your perfect concealer. It can be used for everyday or for your glam days!

PS: I do not set it either!

Product Details:

It does not crease on me. Disclaimer: Products were sent by MAC for editorial consideration. In most recent years I have become concealer obsessed. I love concealers in all shapes and sizes lol. Full coverage, matte, dewy, sheer ect. Nothing beats an affordable concealer that works. Shape Tape Concealer by Tarte Cosmetics was all the rage at one point and still holds a lot of hype. Is it that good? Ehhh I was not too impressed.

Who do you think you are?

The formula for me was too thick and drying. With full coverage matte creamy finish and easy to blend you can not go wrong. I wanted to also add in some comparison swatches for you if you are closer to my skin tone. I found for this concealer C 7 was the best for me and my personal preferences. In the past I use to go light under my eyes but now I like to use something just slightly lighter than my skin tone or almost a match.

MAC I am NC 20 and that is really almost too light but it still works and I tend to mix a lot so that shade works still. I hope this helps if you are looking to buy the Makeup Revolution Concealer! See it HERE. The focus of the event was their new Bare Pro 16 hour full coverage concealer. I was able to sit with a bareMinerals Makeup Artist and learn a bit more about the product. I explained natural everyday makeup is more my lane. Some days I just spot conceal with concealer and ditch the foundation all together. She said this is the perfect concealer for that and I will say it has been fabulous.

Products that are versatile and reliable are so important to me and the new bareMinerals BarePro Concealer fits the bill! Whether you want to cover dark circles, look more awake or to brighten your undereyes, concealer seems to be a constant struggle for most people and I get it! With so many formulas and brands to choose from its hard to know what is right for you.

Concealers in my opinion are used for different reasons depending on the person. I have concealers for everyday, events ect however everyday makeup is more what I look for when I am buying makeup. Even though I am not a full coverage or matte type of girl this concealer has been working for me! This is a full coverage concealer with a matte finish but its very creamy. You can build it up for the coverage it offers or you can mix it with a very creamy eye cream to give it a natural look. If you are new here I do not like much of anything matte on my face.

My skin can tend to get dry and products easily settle into my fine lines. This will help you immensely. Orange concealor work best on skin which is more on the olive side.

MAC NW or NC ? Six beginners questions about MAC skin shades

It also helps conceal extreme blue dark circles. At times your NC concealor may not be enough to keep the darkies at bay and hence, the orange concealor can be mixed with your regular concealor to provide the right coverage. Image Sources: 1 , 2 , 3. How things change so much after pregnancy..

MAC Foundation - NC, NW, C, N

By the way.. Actually , MAC believes that if you are warm toned yellow-greenish that is NW neutral warm then you should go for the NC range Neutral cool because that has the undertones that can balance out your skin. Similarly those who have a cool undertone neutral cool , goes for the shade Neutral warm NW named so , alternately , to balance out their pinkish-bluish undertone.

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  • Who do you think you are?.

That was the idea behind the shade names. It took me so long to understand this…I hope our readers find it a bit easier t understand the funda now.. Definitely…infact i never understand neutral skin tone.. I can shake hands with you on that one. But cool tones in clothes dont look bad on me either so I guess I am a darker neutral. Cool post Zee!

Help with MAC Pro Longwear Concealer - NW vs. NC : MakeupAddiction

I never knew there was some NW!! Great post. Thank you!!! Life was easy na then!!! Can you enlighten me on this?? So if you were matched to C Cool , that means you have warm , reddish undertones cancelled by yellow tones. C shades are the old color system the C shades with one digit C2, C3, C4 etc Are more yellow with a tiny bit of pink.

The studio fix powder also has C shades with double digits C30, C35, C40 etc and these are yellow with a little bit of green and are for people with true olive skin tones. NC shades that end in 0 or 5 are yellow based with beige.

Although some shades have more beige than yellow. Shades like NC37, NC43 are less golden and a tad more beige. Nice post Zee. My chennai trip got cancelled due to…u know what.

I have a mac store just 5 mins walking distance , looks like I will have to pay it a visit now!! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Awesome post! I usedt use a Color corrector for my red es but post preg it seems t hav vanished!

nc or nw mac concealer Nc or nw mac concealer
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