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I like the guy with the accent from this FreshPet commercial. Who is the guy in this Lexus RX commercial, shot in Paris? Tall dude in white t-shirt at 40 secs in this Tempur-Pedic commercial. This guy. My latest lust is Tarzan aka Jeff Torres from the Geico commercial. Damn, that guy is sex on a stick. He's a hottie The Lexus in Paris guy.

The dad with four daughters from the Zillow ad.

Cele|bitchy | Missouri meteorologist to body shamers: I like pasta, bread and cheese

Ji from the Android piano commercial. Is Ji a famous penis or just some random guy who plays? His tattoos are distracting. Sam Anderson from Summers Eve has a smoking hot body. R, he is adorable. R famous. Not current but I thought the guy in the Chevy truck commercial that used Back in Black was hot. That's not his boyfriend, R That's his twin. Hot guy tho. Yep doable R R, he's America Fererra's husband. Doesn't he play the other guy too?

Aren't those commercials always played by twins? Is it really twins?

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Sometimes I swear they're different people. It's not subtle.

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R In the frog one it's not twins, it's one actor Justin Miles playing two parts. In the Awsomesauce one, it's twins. You can watch some of the ads below R I feel stupid now.

Only The Best Funny Kraft Mac and Cheese Commercials

I like Ryan Alosio's recent Nissan ads. I like this guy. Not really. Only on "Superstore". Gillette Fusion ProShield.

  • Estelle Harris Plays a Crafty Grandma in Kraft Mac & Cheese Spot.
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  • Skip to Kilborn looks terrifyingly like a young Donald Trump in those ads. I seriously want to bone the guy in the red training shorts. Is this a wig? Why would you let your official photo be a comb forward like this? He looks like he has terminal nasal congestion. The guy who's hotter than Nyle stars in this:.

    I fucking hate that guy with the heat of 40, suns. R thanks that guy is smoking.

    Kraft’s Greek Grandma Approves Nothing but Athenos Food Lineup

    Is the bae a real nurse? The Spectrum Cable guy. I'm wondering the same thing, r He's exactly who I thought of when I saw this thread. Spectrum Guy is hot. Hope he's around for a while.

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    Kenan Heppe shirtless. Umm, none at all. This one, R? Yeah, he has a nice chest. The hipster guy in the komono selling cars that didn't suck. Names of the twin brothers in the Entyvio commercial? The two drive off at the end to go biking. The bitch who bares her teeth in Honda's "Mount Savemore" commercial.

    Still crushing on the young guy from the Ocean Spray ads. The Volkswagen dude is Chris Dattola, and he is sexy as hell. Thanks R! Also like the Summers Eve guy, which seems to have made a comeback. The dad in the Infiniti commercial. Can anyone identify? I assume he's a model. This Infiniti commercial. Number 1 counting sheep in Serta commercial. I love the conductor on the Little Ceasar's commercial. R Yeah, I like the Lays chips guy, too. Must come in handy for fucking in the dark.

    The guy from the new Checkers commercials is hot in a white trash way.

    KFC Commercial Looking For Actresses

    I guess he doesn't have one. Best to turn off your sound because the cunt is annoying. R, so what did he say? R He just said, "Hello, this is Kenan. What about the employee who brings his boss a DQ Frapee - he is beyond cute with big ears. Cute "non-athletic" ginger in this TD Ameritrade spot. Hot dad in the back seat. Here's the link to the whole spot above. There are a couple other versions. Anyone know the name of the guy in the hallway in this commercial. R windows 7 hallway guy is played by Dennis Bover.

    source Hunter Ellis in this Atomic Beam commercial. Hunter "Eagle Beak" Ellis? Surely you jest! That guy could open cans with his sharp, hooked nose.

    kraft mac and cheese commercial grandma Kraft mac and cheese commercial grandma
    kraft mac and cheese commercial grandma Kraft mac and cheese commercial grandma
    kraft mac and cheese commercial grandma Kraft mac and cheese commercial grandma
    kraft mac and cheese commercial grandma Kraft mac and cheese commercial grandma
    kraft mac and cheese commercial grandma Kraft mac and cheese commercial grandma

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