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CCLeaner for Mac OS X

Delete the programs or remove them from the start up menu. To find the items that are opening automatically and running in the background, follow these steps:. Turning off the computer clears the memory and closes any programs that might be running in the background. Delete the programs and documents or move them to storage. Use Software Update to uninstall unnecessary apps. To get to Software Update , click the apple icon, then select App Store and update or uninstall programs.

Your downloads folder can get bogged down with a lot of old downloads. To further optimize your system, check and fix your storage disk:.

To set up your iCloud account, go to System Preferences , then click iCloud. Freeing up space on your storage drive will help the computer respond faster.

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If you find that your Mac is running out of storage space, it might be time for an upgrade. Your system can also be optimized by cleaning out the cache your system saves every time you go to a website. Find out more about increasing the speed of your Mac.

Some programs use more processor and memory resources than others. Decide if you need to use the programs that are using the most resources, or if you can close them. If you consistently need to use programs that use a lot of memory, consider getting more memory RAM.

How to clean install macOS Catalina

Cleaning the outside of your Mac prevents dust and grime from interfering with the keyboard and vents. It also gives you a psychological boost to clean your desk area.

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Turn off and unplug your computer, then use a damp cloth to clean the accumulated dust from your any surfaces, but be careful what kind of chemicals you use, especially on your screen or monitor. Spray the cleaner on a cloth to avoid getting moisture in any of the ports.

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Additional included tools assist in repairing file permissions, securely erasing free space and even uninstalling applications. The free tool, which earns almost five stars from MacUpdate , simplifies application uninstallation by enabling drag-and-drop program deletion. Many users, and even some Mac administrators, mistakenly believe that programs install as a single file. They do not. A single program can leave numerous related files and libraries behind.

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For optimal performance, it's important that all an application's associated files typically be removed when the program is no longer needed and is uninstalled. The program, which consumes few resources, supports uninstalling applications as well as widgets, plug-ins and similar apps.

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A SmartDelete feature even assist users in properly uninstalling programs that are dragged into the Mac's Trash. The program proves makes short work of removing outdated cache files, unnecessary log files, left over program detritus, and other useless data. CleanMyMac offers additional features, too.

The software includes an application uninstaller as well as tools for removing unneeded universal binary files, unneeded removable device information and simplified resource-consuming extension management. Regardless of which cleanup utility you select, be sure to set a regular schedule for removing stray, previously uninstalled application files, unnecessary log and cache information and assorted various other needless files and even potentially programs.

Removing these remnants, unnecessary files, and needless other components frees disk space, improves performance and assists Macs in optimizing available resources.

Best Mac cleaners to free up disk space

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Best mac system cleaner 2013

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