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If the company ever intended for the Mac Pro to be ready by September, it missed that deadline. We estimate that the new Mac Pro could launch in mid-November, presumably before Thanksgiving on 28 November. Apple may hold an event for creative professionals , or it may just issue press releases to announce the new devices. You can provide your email address requesting to "Be the first to know when Mac Pro is available" via the Apple website here.

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More on the extras you can buy separately below. If you already thought that the Mac Pro was expensive, it may get even more pricy thanks to the US and China's ongoing trade war. Apple filed a request with the Trump administration in July, asking that certain parts required for the Mac Pro would be exempt from Chinese trade tariffs.

Trump had promised relief to companies that can demonstrate that that parts can only be obtained in China.

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Make them in the USA, no Tariffs! As a result Apple will be charged duties of 25 per cent in order to bring those parts into the US.

12222 Mac Pro release date

We want to continue to do that. The inside is where it's really at. Expandability is the name of the game here and the new Mac Pro comes with eight PCI Express expansion slots for all sorts of accessories.

The power in the tower

There are also two Thunderbolt 3 connectors on top of the chassis. While you could populate the remaining slots any way you see fit, Apple has come up with an interesting solution they call Mac Pro Expansion or MPX Modules.

The Apple Pro Display XDR is UNDERRATED.

The second connector allows the card to transfer data to the four Thunderbolt 3 ports found on the machine. They also allow passing up to W of power to the module, on top of the 75W that is possible through the standard x16 PCIe connector. While the right side of the machine houses the graphics and CPU, the left side houses the memory, the storage and the power supply. The cooling for the whole system is managed by four fans. Three of these fans are placed on the front of the case that pull in cold air through all those holes. On the other side, the fan for the power supply pulls in air from the front, passing it over the storage and memory modules then routing it through the power supply and finally sending it out the back.

Now, let's get into the specs. The base model comes with 8-core CPU but you can configure it with core, core, core or core models as well, all of which support Hyper Threading, so you get twice as many threads.

This is how much Apple’s $6,000 Mac Pro would cost as a PC

In terms of memory, things get a bit more bonkers. Just to reiterate, these are memory modules, not storage. That comes later. It's worth mentioning only the 24 or core CPUs support the full 1. Now for the storage. The new Mac Pro supports flash only storage but the connector doesn't seem standard like with the memory.

Maxed out Mac Pro with Pro Display XDR could reach $50,, estimate suggests - 9to5Mac

The base model comes with GB but it can be configured up to 4TB. These are controlled by Apple's T2 security chip, which handles the encryption. Now, there are two visible SATA ports on the motherboard but Apple didn't quite specify their purpose and there doesn't seem to be any provision to mount standard SSD inside the case.

Produced by kakaku. Apple Mac Pro Expected Price P, Mac Pro is a configurable tower desktop with 3 chassis fans, Xeon processors up to 28 cores, eight PCIe expansion slots, and degree access. Visit offical website.

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